I got this cup and saucer for Christmas 2003. It's absolutely beautiful and the iridescent glaze looks great in the light. I have been intrigued by this cup and saucer, though, because they're so much smaller than other ones. The cup stands only 2 inches tall. I am sure there is a name for these smaller cups and saucers but I sure don't know what it is. Can anyone help me out? Thanks so much!

Here's the cup and saucer from the top. See all the colors?.
Here's the cup from the front with the ruler behind it. It's quite a bit smaller than the "normal" cups.
This is the front of the cup and saucer with the ruler vertical. It shows that the cup is about 2 inches long.
This is the Shelley Foley logo where it identifies the pattern.
Please click on an image to see it larger.