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I have been collecting Shelley China for 2 years and have collected a number of different pieces.
Please enjoy the cups, saucers, plates, sugar bowls and creamers while visiting. If you have any comments, please contact me.

After many requests, I now feel the need to add to my site that none of my Shelley collection is for sale. All of my pieces have significant personal value to me and I could never sell off the memories that they all carry. Sorry!

Here are the patterns that I have now. Please click on the links to see pictures of each.

Blue Daisy Chintz    Blue Rock    Bridal Rose    Dainty Blue    Dainty Mauve    Dainty Pink    Dainty Regency    Dainty White    Floral Spray    Honeysuckle    Rosebud    Rose & Red Daisy    Scattered Rose    Spano Lustra